I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1994. My RCA graduation film, Pariah the Red Man, was screened at Annecy, Zagreb and Esphino, amongst other festivals. In 1995, it was shown on Channel 4 and MTV.

Personal Films

OBC Basket Ball

A short three minute film following the journey of a point guard embarking upon the world’s greatest dunk.


Gum is a 1 minute film commissioned by S4C for their Short Shorts series. This depicts a relationship in which the lovers are joined and separated by a stick of chewing gum.

Joy Stick

“Joystick” is a hand drawn animated film that explores the co-dependent nature of relationships.

It expresses the destructive power of love with a visual metaphor, that of a faun comprised of conjoined male and female bodies.


A series of animated skits made entirely in Flash in a three month period in 2006. The purpose of this showreel was to demonstrate a knowledge of animation for a range of different characters and actions.

Pariah the Red Man

My RCA graduation film, finished in 1994. The Sisyphean protagonist Pariah is condemned by the Gods to pull a Rock along an interminable road. The Rock thinks his job is to help by talking to keep their spirits up. Pariah has other ideas.